my name is Zoran Lazarevic i was born in Belgrade Serbia

I do frontend web design and logo design
Im best in html5 & css3 i also use javascript jquery wordpress bootstrap to best match your requirements

I love playing with colors and graphics
Some of my favorite toys are open-source software Gimp for bitmaps and Inkscape for vector graphics
To stay free and beyond conventions is one of my goals

Creative side of this occupation is what makes possibilities endless

I tend to be clear and simple for me it is the essence of design

My primary goal is to set attention on you and make your visual wishes come true

You have my attention!!

Full HTML5 CSS3 & JS customization

Hand-crafted code

Flexible design adaptable to all portable devices

Client focused service


SEO Optimizied sites

As visual impression is very powerful it is of great importance for your buisness to think about LOGO LOGOTYPE as your TRADEMARK and VISUAL IDENTITY

Through history best logos were simple ones and visual identity they represent were very well remembered

The simplier logo is easier to memorise